March 07, 2011

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This is a scene from my absolute favorite episode of The Cosby Show (the one where Rudy needed extra tutoring for her school dance project).  Cliff was waiting around in the dance studio while Rudy was having her dance lesson; he gets bored and starts screwing around with some tap shoes.  One of the dance hall teachers happens upon him and begins a dance-off.  The actor playing that teacher just so happened to be the Vaudeville-famous Howard ‘Sandman’ Sims.  Sandman served Cliff a dance-off smack-down in this scene, finishing each round with “CHALLENGE!”

Click to see a larger version:

'Challenge!' by Steve Hryniuk

'Challenge!' by Steve Hryniuk

A closer look at Bill’s face:

A closer look

A closer look

290 layers of vectors with layer styles in use here (folders upon folders of stacked effects to get what I was looking for). Made with Photoshop CS5 and piles of screenshots to try and recreate the various fabric textures. This ‘Challenge’ project is the first in a line of hopefully many where I’ll be recreating the most stand-out-in-memory scenes of movies and shows.

And in case I’m the only nerd who knows what I’m referencing, here’s a video of the scene:

Sandman Simms vs Bill Cosby