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Welcome! This is the web portfolio and blog of Steve Hryniuk.   Steve is based in Reno, Nevada and designs/develops/maintains websites for clients all over America.

Steve writes blogs about random inane things and shows off his various Photoshop creations here.   Explore, have fun, and discuss if you wish.

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Ergobaby – 2015

June 12, 2015 Ergobaby - 2015 Homepage

Another year, another iteration of the Ergobaby shopping site! And with all previous new-ones, this one is my most favorite ever This was our first dive into responsive layout sites, where the previous iterations of Ergobaby stores were always serving a crappy app-style website for mobile and desktop version for tablet/desktops.  Our mobile bounce rate had been getting out of control in the last couple of years, as more and more users defaulted to browsing Continue reading

Orbit Baby

August 11, 2014 Orbit Baby - Combo page

I could not be happier to report that I’ve finally given Orbit Baby the attention it deserves! With an excellent design outline from OpenBar, I’ve completely rebuilt and re-launched as a single branded shopping site, doing away with the cumbersome multi-site thing that has been bogging us down for so long. Today was a good and smooth launch, and.. now I can take a nap for just a little bit until another fun project begins at Ergobaby Continue reading

Ergobaby 2013

December 05, 2013 Ergobaby 2013 Homepage

It’s an ongoing development, that site Just updating the portfolio to show current look of the site today. (and Orbit Baby) now runs on the Upshot Commerce platform, is partnered up with ZenDesk for support and soon will be launching BazaarVoice for our reviews solution. As far as cost-for-what-you-get and quick response for every possible issue, I couldn’t be happier with Upshot.

Movember 2013 – Papa Sibs Robust Porter (with vanilla beans) – Poster

October 23, 2013 Movember2013

Justin Sibley is a fierce Movember supporter, and he asked me to cobble up this poster for his charity beer event.  Happy to help! From Tidepool Brewing Co.’s post: Alright all you Tidepool Brewing Co. fans. I know we’ve been quiet recently but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on some big things. As you know Justin grows his ridiculous mustache every year for Movember. If you don’t know Movember is a campaign to Continue reading

Coasters for The Brewer’s Cabinet, Reno

August 17, 2012 Brewer's Cabinet coaster concept

Got the awesome opportunity to follow up on the website project with some coaster design for The Brewer’s Cabinet.   Coasters just got back from our printers in New York and I’m keen on them QR codes for some fun interaction; left scan on your phone assumes you have the Facebook app, and will take you right to Brewer’s Cabinet Page.  Right code assumes you have the Foursquare app, and takes you right to the Continue reading

The Brewer’s Cabinet | Reno

August 17, 2012 the-brewers-cabinet

One of the brewmasters and good friend, Justin Sibley, tasked me with making a website for Reno’s new brewpub The Brewer’s Cabinet. The site features an instagram feed, dynamic draftboard on the homepage (which is currently dead due to all of the house beers being drank up already!), and brewers/chefs blogs.  We’re partnering up with to make managing the facebook/website/physical menus easier on the owners.  Currently the menu is running off of a plug-in until Must Have Continue reading

Pin It to Win It! (Ergobaby promotion)

July 06, 2012 Ergobaby Pin It to Win It | Pinterest

Got the chance to take a break from more mundane tasks at the office, and create a quick promo for Ergobaby’s Pinterest contest. The contest in question:

Bill Murray – Bike Thief

July 05, 2012 Bill Murray - Bike Thief

A quick elaboration on the shirt design of the same name.   A few different AI traced layers of the BM photo to achieve this stenciled look; some layer-style patterns in PS. Bill Murray can do no wrong.